Browning Knob is less traveled and isolated from other official National Park Service trails. See. If you plan to visit, it's recommended to hike with a partner or let someone know where you are going and when you plan to return, as there are many unmarked side trails, difficult terrain, and steep drops along the way. Jun 25, 2018. And as a hiker, I love a challenging hike thanks for sharing. Drew had said it was a short hike from Waterrock to Browning Knob, and that the plane crash was just off to the left. His wife was suddenly standing by my side, close, like she was my friend. I stayed here and it was just awesome. We took some time along the hike back to really appreciate the beauty of the forest and fall foliage. Renovating a 1960s ranch house and an old train depot. Are you talking about the plane crash site? I asked. Completely agree! Skip to main content. All we could hear was brushing of leaves and distant howls from the wind. Haha.thats Sam! Located just 18 miles from the southern end of the Parkway and farther away from larger cities, it has a more remote and quiet feel to it. The windows were smashed; dark holes appearing to mysteriously lead into another dimension. The hike back to the parking lot was just as arduous as the hike to the crash site, and ended up being about a 2.5 mile hike round trip. For mountain views wed recommend Mount Mitchell, standing a whopping 6,684 feet above sea level that allows hikers to see up to 100 miles past the point. A mountain dog in his element! Hey, I said. The aircraft had impacted mountainous terrain at about 6,000 feet msl and 11 miles from the destination. Just before you reach the last stretch of trail to the top, you should see a fairly obvious trail leading off to the left, marked with flagging tape. Here's the general gist of how to get to the crash site: Hike the 0.5 mile path to Waterrock Knob, almost to the top. Waterrock Knob - Milepost 451.2. The crash site was eerie, especially knowing that my dad was piloting a similar plane in the 1990s and survived a crash. Its not right off the side after the knob and its NOT.. And its very very difficult and could take hours. North Carolina Hiking: Cessna 414 Plane Crash & Sunset at Waterrock Knob. We were there last fall and someone had spray painted the plane. Length 1.7 miElevation gain 692 ftRoute type Out & back. To learn more, clickhere. After crossing snowbird VOR the aircraft turned south and again there were altitude excursions. The first half of the hike is straight down the ridge and then you have to hike back up the spine of the connecting knobs. Do you remember the terrifying crash of USAir Flight 1016 near Charlotte Douglas International Airport? Did you see the plane crash site? Thank you for sharing. Browning Knob and Waterrock Knob. The crash lays there as it landed with frayed cords and broken windows serving as a reminder of the final journey. The Plane Crash Site near the Waterrock Knob Trail. Again, sweeping views of the mountains. And it appears to have had some holes kicked into it as well. Hiking to such a place really gives one time to think and realize how fragile and fleeting life truly is. I asked the family if theyd been to the plane crash. Not only is Waterrock Knob the trail you need to take to get to the airplane crash, it also offers amazing views of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. There were several up and down altitude excursions. Hike the relatively easy Waterrock Knob Trail for 0.9 miles: mostly uphill and paved, with impressive views. If youre looking for a hike with a view, wed recommend catching the sunset on Green Knob, or perhaps hiking Looking Glass Rock for the mountaintop views. After a few hours of homework, I glanced out the window. Plane Crash at Waterrock Knob. In order to reach the site of the airplane crash, you will need to start off on the Waterrock Knob trail located off of mile marker 451 on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Much of the Cessna 414 is still up there on the mountain. Read Also: Elkmont ghost town: Ghost stories that will give you goosebumps. Looking at the satellite view it appears the hike to the plane crash is about a 3-mile round-trip hike, first up to Waterrock Knob and then across the ridge to Browning Knob. Waterrock Knob is located at milepost 451.2 on the Blue Ridge Parkway and features the last hiking trail along the parkway before reaching the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. The pilot's blood alcohol level was 0.4. Download Millions Of Videos Online. This is a beautiful hike but the trail down to the plane crash is a bit strenuous! First you have to climb up Waterrock Knob which is the highes. Id like to know why the plane was left there. Of course, many people come to Waterrock Knob to also hike to a tragic plane crash site. It would be nice to get that garbage off of the ground. This half mile trail climbs all the way to the peak. This means at no extra cost to you, I earn a commission if you book through the link. If the above hike to an abandoned airplane crash in North Carolina whets your appetite for adventure, read on! This shed some light on the mystery. Mitchell State Park will take you along a rocky, windy path to the top of the mountain, and a hike to Paradise Falls will reward you with stunning, watery views of the hidden waterfall. Pedestrian killed by car on Kingston Pike in Knoxville. Members of the Civil Air Patrol found the wreckage near the summit of Waterrock Knob Peak a week later. The human remains, of course, were returned to the family, and the engines and anything else of value were salvaged. This trail is paved but very steep! OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article. Knowing that two lives were lost at the site, the vibe was pretty heavy. I think he and his parents were Hawaiian. There is a steep ascent and some of the trails are not well marked. Later we learn there is a hike to a plane crash that can be reach from Waterrock Knob Trail. While theres the obviously sad nature of why the plane is there to begin with, Im always interested in hikes that have some site, historical or otherwise, to see. After making eye-contact with her, I recognized it was Allison from work. The grandmother laughed and grabbed my arm. When I reached the top of Waterrock Knob, under rather malicious-looking skies, a 60-year old man with . Before hitting the trail-head, we ran into a family coming back from the hike. The last recorded elevation of the airplane was about 6,000 ft. Plane crash PARKING LOT Waterrock Knob Visitor Center Waterrock Knob Browning Knob 5719 ft 6292 ft 6240 ft Elevations: Waterrock knob parking lot to peak waterrock peak to Browning Knob Browning knob to plane crash .5 miles .7 miles .05 miles distances: This is very interesting and eerie at the same time. The operating hours, policies and procedures of other businesses may change at any time without notice. The nearly 360-degree view from Waterrock Knob stretches the eyes over the heart of the Southern Highlands - including . We don't recommend it, but you can reach the site by hiking to Waterrock Knob's summit (0.5 miles) and then to the top of Browning Knob (0.5 miles). as well as check out the abandoned plane crash of a Cessna 414A that happened back in 1983. The crash occurred in 1983 as a result of poor weather and alcohol. We found out how you can hike to an abandoned airplane crash in North Carolina, and have all the necessary details below. Additionally, the FAA found a blood alcohol level of .04%. Plane Crash Site from 1983, Waterrock Knob, North Carolina, USA. Since it is unmaintained, it might be worth asking at the visitor center for any current updates or safety tips for the time you are visiting. She hung on to me for several minutes. To the left, I thought, this must be the way to Browning Knob! Thankfully, though, there are only a few places where you'll stumble upon airplane crash ruins in North Carolina. Beautiful sunset, viewed from the Waterrock Knob parking lot upon returning after the hike. As sad as it is it would be interesting to see this in person especially a plane from the 80s! Well now I want to go back and rewatch that. The path is clear and paved for the first bit before turning to dirt and leading up several stone staircases. Heres my full guide on how to hike to the Waterrock Knob plane crash with everything you need to know to plan your outing. Shuckstack Fire Tower is an old fire observatory tower in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park! Consider supporting our work by becoming a member for as little as $5 a month. Beware. You also could like hiking at Deep Creek. If youre planning to make this a weekend trip, I recommend searching on to choose a place. Today, we met people from California, South Carolina, and others from our own town. The remains of a doomed Antarctic plane, buried beneath layers of ice and snow, await those willing to do a bit of digging. Marcus and I were wandering around the fuselage like detectives at a crime scene. The path was straight down the side of the mountain; winding around moss covered trees and through what seemed like mile high pines overhead. GPS coordinates:352737.2N 830827.0W. Can Sacred Places Impact Our Energy and Our Mood? In 1983, this Cessna 414 was traveling from Chicago, IL to a small airport in western North Carolina. He listened intently. Subscribe to our newsletter and receive a FREE PRINTABLE TRAVEL PLANNER! You will be walking through the quiet woods then all of a sudden the crash appears through the trees. The distance from the parking lot to the Waterrock Knob lookout is a 0.5 mile steep trek, and begins with a nice paved trail but does have some steep stairs along the way. My first thought after the second picture, Theresa falls up the stairs, Theresa falls down the stairs, The occupants died in the crash so that probably adds to that feeling as well, Info on the incident. That crash occurred just 11 years after this one, and was one of the most tragic plane crashes in North Carolina. Located in the Smokey Mountains just outside of Maggie Valley, North Carolina, this hike is challenging due to its steep ascents and occasional scrambling over fallen trees and thick roots. Martin had emigrated from Germany sometime after the war, building a company and a fortune in the Chicago area. They were drawn to our yellow lab, Odin. Look at a map before you go as it's a little tricky.